This Method Of Communication

Accordingly, already at the first stage of selection of applicants, uninteresting, meiocre candidates will be eliminate. Save labor time and recruitment costs. Video interviews allow HR professionals to conduct a large number of “meetings” in a short amount of time. is especially useful if the candidate lives in another city or country. Teste – works the experience of companies that have implemente video interviews experience of companies that have implemente video interviewing.

The Branch Of The International Auditing

Company KPMG Australia is constantly looking for people with develope communication skills. They are looking for them among yesterday’s students. There are a lot of people who want to get a job in a well-known company, so there is a whole Special Database sea of ​​applications from young candidates. To cut down on this flow, the Australia branch has begun using video interviews prior to meeting the candidate in person. Now applicants can take an online test and after that, within 15-20 minutes, write down answers to 4-5 questions.

Special Database

Candidates Have Only 30 Seconds

To think about each one. Later, the video is analyze by the recruitment team and the best candidates are invite for a personal interview. Company benefits Reuce vacancy closing time. The number of face-to-face interviews has droppe from thousands KOB Directory to hundres. Short videos help the team quickly find agreement on the candidates they like. The team has become more diverse. The video interview made visible those candidates who had not previously been considere for the position.

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