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If the employee does not pass the exam, he is given a conclusion with recommendations. He also has the right to appeal the results through the appeal commission. An independent assessment of the qualifications of accountants can be carrie out in the Finance and CSC service. The latter is suitable for specialists who are require to check and confirm the compliance of qualifications with the requirements of a professional standard. How to find such evaluation centers and which accountants nee to be assesse “There is a special Register of Qualifications Assessment Centers for the Russian Feeration.

Where Every Accountant

Apply for a specialize exam with the subsequent issuance of a certificate.” it is fille with active links to relevant organizations, contains their addresses, a list of require documents, an algorithm for registering for exams and other necessary relate information. Specialists from other countries who do Argentina Email List not nee confirmation of competencies from official organizations can receive it in combination with a detaile analysis of the results when passing online testing in the Financescessment service or any other suitable service. Who else nees to be assesse This data can be an excellent argument for the employer during personnel rotations or when deciding whether to hire a candidate for a job.

Auditor Can Choose A Suitable Organization

Who else nees to be assesse young professionals to increase the attractiveness of their resume accountants and auditors who plan to move up the career ladder those who are looking for a way to confirm their competencies for further development specialists who dream of getting a position in a large KOB Directory company where confirmation of certain competencies is require. Accountants and auditors who are require to take competency assessments at proficiency assessment centers may perceive this as a necessary evil. Not the last role in this is playe by the action of professional standards.

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