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Employers around the world use methods develope by prestigious companies to evaluate applicants. But can the results of such testing be truste? Recruitment, especially in large companies where there is a high turnover of staff, is very often carrie out through testing. It is generally accepte that up to 85% of candidates are eliminate at this stage. For a long time, HR managers of large companies have been very sympathetic to Talent Q tests for their qualitative approach to testing the competencies of candidates.

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Famous business psychologist Roger Holdsworth. Talent Q recruitment has been use for over 10 years in many countries. Initially, the creators of the tests were part of the reputable SHL ability assessment corporation. But in 2006, part of the Algeria WhatsApp Number List team outline a new concept for development and “broke off”. But, paradoxically, the founders of Talent Q did not compete with SHL, but covere a separate sector. In Russia, with the help of these tests, such large companies as Rostelecom, Skolkovo, Rosatom, Moscow Exchange, Coca-Cola and others screen out candidates.

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They Are Also Often Use In Ukraine

Belarus and Kazakhstan. But for many, confidence in these tests has been shaken. Since sites began to appear on the Internet that offer “help” in passing the test for money. And this applies to both verbal and narrow-profile tests. Exchanges for freelancers KOB Directory also serve as a platform for communication between applicants and companies that pass professional tests. one of these sites. Tests are done by people Tests are solve by people who have performe similar tasks more than once in order to get a job with prestigious and successful employers. Here is a partial list of companies whose applicants have already use the service.

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