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Evaluate in minutes how test helpe bring the best payroll accountant to the company May , Work is invisible until someone else is doing it. When it is not fulfille, the whole well-oile mechanism of the company fails. Finances, as the circulatory system of an organization, ensure its vital activity and functioning. But who ensures the movement of the finances themselves This is done by an accountant, and the work of the company depends to a large extent on his level of competence. Not all accountants can be equally useful in their position. of the company.

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To their incompetence and turne to the Finance portal for help in finding a good specialist. How we manage to select a highly qualifie accountant for them, we will tell in this case. free master class We recommend watching a free master class Applicant assessment and personnel management base on DISC Thailand WhatsApp Number List and Motivators about the project Client Company N is a major dealer of industrial, construction and agricultural machinery. Service specialize testing of candidates for the position of an accountant in the direction of Accounting , test Payroll . Description of the task.

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The company has not close a vacancy for a payroll accountant in one of the branches for a long time. It so happene that the candidates who were hire did not cope with the tasks. They did not pass the probationary period, although they declare a sufficient level of experience and knowlege KOB Directory when applying for a job. The company’s management decide to help the HR manager quickly fill the vacancy of a payroll accountant using specialize tests of Finance. Terms of cooperation days Project work Representatives of company N submitte an application to the Finassessment service for special testing of candidates for the position of an accountant.

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