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This mainly applies to own operations and employees. The scope of such CSR activities includes, among others: combating broadly understood discrimination in the workplace due to gender, age, sexual orientation or beliefs), preventing mobbing, supporting diversity in the workplace. Labor practices concern the well-being of employees. These are investments in their development, safe and comfortable working conditions, or the organization of additional training to improve qualifications. CSR what is it? Pro-environmental activities are focuse on environmental protection.

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They concern the use of all resources, pollutant emissions, waste generation, etc. An example of pro-environmental CSR activities can be the introduction of the Eco Office rules – replacing light bulbs with energy-saving ones, using recycle paper, providing employees with reusable bottles instead of water in plastic. Fair operating practices are Latest Mailing Database activities relate to ethical behavior in contacts with business partners, public administration and other entities. The goal is, among others counteracting corruption. The scope of this CSR area also includes taking care of good relations with competitors, conducting the so-calle fair competition, avoid spreading black PR.

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We recommend Marketing ploy – good practice with a bad reputation Consumer issues are focuse on the good of customers. Activities include running fair marketing campaigns, providing consumers with accurate information, and promoting KOB Directory sustainable consumption. Actions for the benefit of the local community are all undertakings relate to the environment in which the company operates. They may include cooperation with local organizations, supporting important initiatives.  Creating eucational projects for children and youth in the area. An example of activities for the benefit of the local community is a fair of cakes prepare by employees, the purpose of which is to raise money for a worthy cause for an operation or for a local shelter.

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