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All the above qualities are arrange in descending order of importance, but this order is not mandatory. The result of the study, which Vasily Pigin cite as an example, only showe that a certain quality was found in successful financial directors more often than others. But it is not necessary that it was prevailing for everyone. Let’s sum up and look at the big picture of the competencies of a financial specialist. a full-flege model of the soft skills of a financial director This is what a full-flege CFO soft skills model from Vasily Pigin.

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Russialooks like. We hope that the information from the article will be useful to you. Applying this model to candidates for the position of financial director, you will be able to select the most suitable specialist who will stay with the company for Cambodia WhatsApp Number List many years. Soft skills revolution. Why should HR stop looking for universal soldiers? 11/25/2017 Job descriptions often contain a specific set of hard skills that an employee must possess. But they never list soft skills. And when searching for candidates.

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Hackneye clichés are often heard initiative, responsibility, “with drive in the eyes”. Nobody believes in this list neither HRs, nor job seekers. CEO of TTISI Russia , we discusse why it is time to change our approach to flexible skills and their impact KOB Directory on the selection of financial specialists and top managers. Vasily Pigin Vasily Pigin is the CEO of the international community of human talent operators TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS in Russia, Ph.D. in Economics, an expert in the field of soft skills. free master class.

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