Top 10 Gardens You Must Visit in Japan

The traditional Japanese gardens are famous all over the world. They are gardens that highlight the beauty of nature itself, avoiding, where possible, any artificial element. The first of them began to be built on the island of Honshu, around the year 600 AD.

The gardens keep and reflect some aspects of the Shinto (Shintoism) religion as well as Taoism and Buddhism. They speak of the unstoppable passage of time, they reflect the different aspects of the Japanese landscape, such as its towering volcanoes.

Often include replicas of the legendary Mount Horai where the immortals live

We have selected the best gardens in Japan including Latest Mailing Database details on how you can get to them with your Japan Rail Pass . Why not visit one or two on your next Japanese vacation? The Three Great Gardens of Japan
In Japan it is normal to consider the gardens grouping them three by three. They are independent gardens, each one in a certain location, but they have something in common, as if they were linked by an invisible bond.

It is in Kanazawa and those six characteristics that cannot be missing in the ideal Japanese garden are: serenity, space, freshness, delicate design, beautiful views and the perfect combination of wisdom and respect .

Kenroku-en has several lakes and offers a wide variety of Japanese natural

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Landscapes that include streams and hills. On your walk, you KOB Directory will also see some structures like pavilions and traditional teahouses.

How to get there : Use your JR Pass to travel to Kanazawa Station. JR buses depart from it , between one and three every hour. Stop number 4 will drop you off at the garden

How to get there : With your JR Pass, go to Okayama Station. From here, you have a walk of about 30 minutes to the garden. If you prefer, you can take a bus that will take you to the Korakuen-mae stop, near the main entrance.

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