Try To Scheule Interviews In The Morning

Scheule an interview quickly and do not delay the approval. Otherwise, someone will just hunt the candidate earlier. Call back to confirm if your candidate will show up for an interview. Or send a message asking if everything is in place a few hours before the interview. Texting “I can’t” is easier than picking up the phone and calling. And it saves time for you. Skype at least briefly with each candidate. Allow the interview to be rescheule if they request it in advance. – according to statistics, this is the best time when you are not trying to “squeeze.

An Interview Between Other Meetings

Before the work bustle begins. By the evening everyone is tire and you too . Mornings are wiser than evenings, you know! If the candidate is valuable, offer to meet outside the Malta WhatsApp Number List office if it is more convenient for him. Do not limit yourself to one interview format, you do not nee formalities. Describe the route, time, place where you will meet in as much detail as possible. Writing instructions is not that difficult, but the process will be more organize and the candidate will follow the instructions no panic! . Specify the type of interview.

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Are Ready To Discuss Everything Calmly

Sketch out an interview plan and send it out ahead of time what topics will you be discussing even the obvious ones! ? Well, what if the candidate still did not come? Good question KOB Directory There are two scenarios for the development of events the candidate simply did not come that is, he confirme everything, for example, and did not appear or the candidate calle and said that he would not be able to come.

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