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So you can see how a person builds logical chains of judgments and draw reasonable conclusions. Opportunity to learn from past experience The ability to learn and apply knowlege to new situations shows intelligence and flexibility. Give your candidate a hypothetical problem whose solution lies beyond his past experience. Will he be able to use his knowlege in something new? Ability to work in a team Collaborating on a variety of tasks reuces the workload for all employees by allowing them to share responsibilities and exchange ideas.

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To be an effective assessment method, in which candidates play a business situation as close as possible to the real one. Pay attention to soft skills before and during your interview. In this way, you will win in the long run, as you will get a new Cayman Island WhatsApp Number List employee who is good not only on paper, but also in real life. Source Closing jobs at a glance and other Finassessment updates 09.11 2017 Every month we ask ourselves what will make our Finassessment service even more convenient and useful for users? when you yourself offer ideas for improving our project and we are in a hurry to bring them to life.

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In the meantime, our team comes up with fresh features, here you can read about new features that you can use right now. free master class We recommend watching a free master class HR TOC Tools for Management Decision Making Video business KOB Directory card Remember the proverb about it is better to see once? We also think so. Therefore, they made it possible to attach a video business card to the resume. It looks like this Video business card What’s the use? HR managers will be able to quickly form an opinion about a potential candidate. And for financial professionals, this is an opportunity to stand out from hundres of other resumes.

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