We Have More Details So Now The Data Makes Sense To Us

The questions seem easy, don’t they But how do you manage all this knowlege that exists in your organization If you have a question, is it easy for you to find the answer to it Or do you have to search for hours or days to find what you nee This is why organizations nee knowlege management. Knowlege management is the practice of organizing, storing and sharing vital information so that everyone can benefit from its use. In this article, we’ll take a look at what knowlege management is and how you can start organizing knowlege across your organization, thereby saving money and increasing productivity. What is knowlege Words such as data.

Information And Knowlege

There are some important differences Data is a concrete fact without any context. For example, the number represents a piece of data, just like the name Tom Smith. Without everything else, without the context that defines them, these two data elements are meaningless. Information is data Norway WhatsApp Number List that is organize. For example, Tom Smith is the CEO and Widgets are pieces of information. Knowlege builds on information and gives us context. Knowlege is Tom Smith is the CEO of our company’s biggest competitor, and his company produces , widgets an hour. The main difference between knowlege and information is that knowlege enables us to take action.

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Are Often Use Interchangeably

We can use it. There are also two different types of knowlege, explicit explicit and implicit tacit Explicit or explicit knowlege includes things that you can easily pass on to someone else by teaching them, or put into a database or book. When you explain your company’s security protocols to a new KOB Directory team member, it’s a demonstration of clear knowlege. Implicit or tacit knowlege is less quantifiable. It’s when you know your company’s best client won’t close a deal unless you go golfing with them. Or when you know that the smallest supplier in your department is also the most reliable, but only if you place your order by the th of each month.

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