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How to restore faith in professional online testing? We will not tell you how this system works, so as not to create unnecessary advertising for dishonest in our opinion people. But for us, the important question remains, how to restore faith in professional online testing? Therefore, we decide to talk about tests with proctoring. free master class class 7 digital tools that will simplify the work and life of the HR department What is proctoring and where did it come from? Proctoring came from the world of distance learning.

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We already talke about why it is necessary to use proctoring . Getting knowlege online is very convenient studying can be combine with the main activity, the distance from the student’s place of residence to the university or training center ceases to Argentina WhatsApp Number List be an obstacle, and the cost of distance learning is lower than stationary. But for a long time there was a problem how to accept the final cut of knowlege from such students? That is why proctoring arose – a technology that allows you to verify and observe students during the exam.

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Proctor U in 2008. Then it was conducte according to the following principle a proctor followe the students on a webcam and manually recorde all violations. Logical question what is the proctoring proceure for, if the same functions are KOB Directory available in Skype? It seems so only at first glance. The proctoring system can verify identity with a probability of 99.8% observe. the behavior of the subject, minimizing the possibility of cheating record an exam or testing process Proctoring is a control system tie to special software. But without human participation, it would not be so reliable.

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