Where Is Proctoring Use Today

So, one of the verification methods is to check the passport or driver’s license, which the student brings to the webcam. This proceure differs little from the identification of a person during a stationary exam. The only caveat is that the examinee and the proctor can be thousands of kilometers apart. The symbiosis of machine and human work also occurs at the stage of exam control. So the program captures the direction of the student’s gaze and signals the proctor about a possible violation. How is it possible to bypass the program? It is difficult to cheat a proctore test.

The Software Determines The Presence

Of strangers in the room by fixing faces through a webcam or by analyzing voices in the students’ room. Thanks to computer programs, the proctor is able to control up to 6 people at the same time. Suspicious behavior of people notices the Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List computer and gives the signal to the proctor. Suspicious behavior of people is notice by the computer It is important to understand that proctoring is not a computer program. This is the name of the control system. That is, companies can develop software, focusing on their nees, adding or removing some features.

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Proctoring Can Be Done In Three Ways Old-fashione

When a person monitors the course of the exam through a webcam using only software. As a result of the check, the program will provide a report on the student’s behavior in the exam with the help of a person and a program. This is the most KOB Directory reliable option, but also the most expensive. Therefore, not all companies can afford it. As mentione above, proctoring appeare in the distance learning sector. Today it is also use by businesses during the selection of candidates for vacant positions. Most often, companies do not develop their own software, but buy ready-made ones.

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