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High demand for personal qualities and the need to participate in socially important projects Millennials may give the impression of being gouging, but at the same time they value honesty and openness in decision-making. Y-and often have high moral character. They want to be useful to society. Many millennials dream of working on projects to develop alternative energy sources or gadgets that make people’s lives easier.

During The Adaptation Of The Representative

Of generation Y in the workplace, explain to him the social component of his work and he will undertake to carry it out with redoubled energy. And to further B2B Email List understand their essence, watch a funny video on how millennials go through interviews. They are coming. How to work with Generation Z? to adapt to the millennials, as the Z-s are already ready to break into the offices. These young boys and girls will once again change the established office life and over time shift millennials.

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They Will Bring A New Perspective

On things and this is the main plus of generation Z. But for now, HRs can only guess what will motivate newcomers or how to manage them. Generations X and BJ Leads Y have different attitudes towards the arrival of Z. The former see them as a new threat to business performance. The second one is more optimistic. Millennials think they can easily work with Zs. So the first piece of advice for HR is to let millennials manage the Zs.

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