This Is The High Salary That Millennials

Instead of destroying the world, these young, dynamic, casually dressed, tech-obsessed professionals brought new energy to the work environment. So, what motivates millennials and what makes them leave the company? And how to work with generation Y? Desire for freedom will spend on travel and self-education this is an opportunity to participate in interesting projects, not limited to the job description it is a desire to communicate with management.


On An Equal Footing Without Observing

The usual hierarchy in the company. The psychology of generation Y is this they want everything at once. They are not Country Email List ready to work for many years for the sake of a ghostly career advancement. Even without proper experience, they will try to get a well-paid job. After all, nothing is impossible for them. They grew up in a time when everything changes in the blink of an eye and with great faith in their own strength.

We Will Definitely Break Through

Achieve our goal” is the motto of this generation. Desire for freedom 2. Loss of interest in work and loyalty to management Millennials are KOB Directory very prone to burnout. And they know about it. Therefore, when they get bored in one place, Y-and move to another.  does not appeal to them.Millennials have many requirements for the employer he must pay salaries on time, encourage employees with bonuses or cookies and also take care of the non-material motivation of staff.

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