Conversion Rate Optimization Overview By Split Dragon

CRO stands for conversion rate optimization. It’s all about putting in the necessary practices to make people more likely to make purchases on your Lazada/Shopee store.

Because of the importance of conversion rates, we strongly encourage you to monitor your CRO assessment as well. The latter basically means the constant measurement of how effective or ineffective your conversion rate optimization is on average.

What Does It Mean to Optimize Conversion Rates?

Is it important? Before we start answering that question, let’s first explore what it means to optimize your Shopee / Lazada store for conversion rate optimization.

Take this as an example. When you want to sell something on the marketplace, you simply list the products, enter the minimum required information and then publish it on the platform.

But if you want to get better returns for your products, what you do is optimize those product listings. This means that database you don’t just enter the basic details of your product. There are some basic tasks you need to do such as researching good keywords and placing them throughout your product listings. You need to make your description accurate and descriptive at the same time to drive better sales.

Another example of optimizing product listings for better conversion rates is taking high-quality product images. Some sellers go up to the point where they set up an actual mini studio so the photos actually look professional.

Those are just a few examples of conversion rate optimization. For a more in-depth discussion of this topic, you should check out The Ultimate Guide to Shopee Conversion Rate Optimization or The Ultimate Guide to Lazada Conversion Rate Optimization .

Consequences of a Failed CRO Process


Some see online selling as a simpler way to enter a sale but even when you start a business through Lazada/Shopee it doesn’t deliver the results you expect.

If you start an online business without focusing on CRO, here are the consequences:

  • Nobody will buy the product
  • If someone buys a product, it rarely happens
  • There will be little to no growth for the online business
  • Sales movement will be slow

You may be able to sell something online without a CRO if you just want a little money or if you already have a group of people KOB Directory you know would be interested in buying. But if an actual business venture is what you have in mind, then consider CRO as one of the foundational elements of your business.

Here’s another analogy that can emphasize the importance of CRO in your online store: sales talk is face-to-face selling whereas CRO is online selling.

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